The DARE values…

Underpinning our programs are the DARE values – discipline, action, responsibility, and excellence. When students start their journey with DAREarts, they are introduced to our DAREarts staff who are focused on recognizing and celebrating the excellence within them. Together with a brand new peer group, our students are given the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the DARE values in a series of engaging, accessible and dynamic arts-based activities. Our team works with them to explore their feelings through art, express themselves creatively, take positive risks and build meaningful connections.

All the Arts – 10 Week Program

Delivered to 4-8th grade students in Toronto (Northern Etobicoke, Scarborough and the Downtown Core) and Vancouver (Lower East Side) and Halifax, this program offers young people from underserved communities who are struggling in the classroom the unique opportunity to see themselves differently through exploring and creating with the arts. 2 students per grade from each of up to 15 different schools come together and participate in a 10-week long program.  Together they explore a variety of artistic disciplines including: music, drama, dance, culinary arts, media and post-production, circus arts, architectural design, visual arts, graphic design, fashion, and photography.


As they explore these art forms, they awaken their inner artist and inner leader, building key leadership skills including: self-confidence, self-expression, problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills. Our staff team works closely with each student to help them incorporate and apply this strengthened skill set and positive sense of self into their everyday lives, creating positive change for themselves and their communities.


The DAREarts First Roots Program works in partnership with remote First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities across Canada to support students in developing their leadership skills and voice through the arts. A team of DAREarts Educators work alongside local teachers, elders, youth mentors, and artists to deliver a week of intensive multi-arts workshops that support student leadership development and help address the opportunity gap in remote communities. Recently, a wellness component has been included in the programming at the request of community stakeholders. 

DAREarts Youth Leadership Institute 

Offered in Toronto, the DAREarts Youth Leadership Institute further supports our students as they transition into high school. In this alumni-based program, high school students reach further and dig deeper. Students participate in intensive after-school sessions rooted in increasing self-awareness, building community, and improving mental health. They co-create a culminating art project focused on community service, and work to activate their leadership skills in the broader community.

DAREarts Youth Mentors Program 

Offered in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Webequie and Attawapiskat First Nations, the DAREarts Youth Mentorship Program is a new opportunity for youth who have previously participated in DAREarts programming to develop their leadership skills into a mentorship position. Through training in theory, practice, and reaching beyond, the students develop the necessary skills and confidence to become an effective mentor in their community and in the workplace. Once trained, each mentor directly supports the DAREarts programming that occurs in their region and helps to nurture the leadership development of the next generation of DAREarts students. This project is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada.  

DAREarts Card Making Days 

In full-day workshops engaging up to 100 students at a time, DAREarts Card Making Days offer students the opportunity to learn about the legacy and impact of the residential school system on First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples across Canada. Students then engage in a visual arts lesson where they design greeting cards that are then collected and sold by DAREarts to facilitate access to our First Roots programming in remote Indigenous communities across Canada. 

DAREarts Days

These one-day workshops bring our artist-educators into 4-8th grade classrooms in Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia to dare students to discover their inner leader. Local arts professionals work in the classroom alongside DAREarts Educators and school teachers to engage students in collaborative and hands-on visual arts, dramatic arts or song-writing activities.

1000 youth

Empowered annually across Canada