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We provide leadership development opportunities through arts-based education to children and youth in underserved communities across Canada.

Children and youth from underserved communities face a lack of opportunities to develop essential skills for future success.

DAREarts students are selected by teachers and principals as the students who would benefit from the opportunity the most; these are students who are facing barriers associated with poverty, food insecurity, bullying, social isolation, and violence – these are students who need a turning point in their life.

Backed by schools who send students to DAREarts for a full school day…
Schools and teachers believe strongly in DAREarts’ impact and send their students to our program for a full school day each week for ten weeks.

60+ Schools Participating
1000 Students Per Year
20,000 Lives Changed

7 communities
across Canada

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We See Leaders Everywhere

Instead of focusing on young people that have already demonstrated their leadership capacity, we see our programs as a critical intervention for children and youth who may never consider themselves as leaders without our support.

We believe leaders aren’t born, they’re grown. We create a learning environment where participants can develop the skills, behaviors and confidence they need to see themselves as capable of making positive change in their own lives and in their communities.

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With the help of our donors and your support.

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Samira’s Story

For most of my life I spent it worrying about what people would say or think about me, and worrying that I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. I…

Eric’s Story

My Indian name is “Keeshigoong kanodagoozich kanakamoooch”, which means “where you can hear a person singing through the sky” I grew up in an isolated reserve where I felt trapped…

DANTE’s Story

My name is Dante Scholar. I have been involved with DAREarts for almost 10 years and I first became involved with the program when I was in grade 6.   I didn’t have…

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